AUTOSTRADA BIENNALE is created with the vision to recycle cultural gaps in the country, turning them into values, in experiential and tangible spaces, that call to push the limits of dialogue and independent thought - in an environment where reaction, research and action are turned into liberating, emancipatory, dominant and aesthetic acts.

Autostrada Biennale is founded by a team of young people, including artists, pedagogues and sociologists, united with the mission to expand the culture, on an idealist and paradoxical parameter, to open projecting and active "emergency doors".

Autostrada Biennale team leads an utopian factory, with the mission to transform the city simultaneously into museum and centre of the contemporary, marking new experimentation spaces on centuries-old history of Prizren. Autostrada Biennale team plans to bring art outside the white box, undertaking expansion of contemporary art systems in Balkans and beyond.