Prizren talks: "City and Borders"

Prizren, 21August 2017 – The three-day international conference "The Future of Borders", organized by the International Biennial of Contemporary Art - Autostrada Biennale - continues today in Prizren.

At today's session, starting at 11:00 am in Hamam Gazi Mehmet Pasha, will be discussed: City and borders (internal and external borders) gender, urban-rural, public-private, developed - underdeveloped, religious, inter-ethnic boundaries.

The city, being a place of people with differences, is full of borders visible and invisible. People of different ethnicity, religion, color, gender, age, political and economic allegiances, live or travel in the city; each individual and group brings their own stories to the contact zone called the city. Moreover, the city, being a human-made environment, is created and maintained by borders of culture/nature. In modernity, large scale urbanization has produced a new type of humanity that experiences nature as an absolute other. Can human beings live peacefully with other species? Where are the city’s borders when ruins, environmental disasters (with their dislocated populations), and other natural forces continuously demonstrate the finitude of humanity?

At the first session, organized in collaboration with Firedrich Ebert Stiftung, speakers are: Manray HSU (Curator of this edition of Autostrada Bienale), Eliza Hoxha (Kosovo), Yehuda Safran (USA) andEdi Muka (Albania).

On the “City borders - Human borders and beyond” in the second panel, moderated by Eliza Hoxha, speakers are: Andrew Russell – UNDP Coordinator, Bernhard Soland - Swiss Development and Cooperation, Edmond Hajrizi – UBT and HajrullahCeku – EcMaNdryshe.

Today’s presentation of artists: HAVEIT (Kosovo); Stefano Romano (Italy), SasoSedlacek (Slovenia); Yannick Dauby (France); OPA (Macedonia).

The three-day international conference "The Future of Borders" will be concluded tomorrow in Prizren with the topic"Undefined Limits of Contemporary Art".

Today, at 12:00 pm, the international exhibition "The Future of Borders" opens to the public in all areas in Prizren.