‘The future of borders’ conference concludes today

Prizren, 22 August, 2017 - The three-day international conference "The Future of Borders", organized by the International Biennial of Contemporary Art – Autostrada Biennale, concludes today in Prizren.

At today's session, starting at 11:00 in Hamam Gazi Mehmet Pasha, will be discussed: The undefined limits of contemporary art.

Modern and contemporary art has always claimed to be borderless, in the names of internationalism, global avant-garde, cosmopolitan, or nomadic. And yet borders in art exist everywhere in terms of art’s social, political, or economic settings. While seeking to contextualize artworks of various strands, contemporary art seems to perpetuate undefined borders. How then does it come to terms with the trends of border-seeking in contemporary society? Or, could it be the return of borders that makes contemporary art even more challenging, compelling, or problematic?

Speakers on the palen are: Sislej Xhafa (USA), Miran Mohar (Slovenia), Yehuda Safran (USA) and all artists and speakers. The main speech is held by Sezgin Boynik (Filand), moderated by Manray Hsu (Taiwan), curator of the first edition of Autostrada Biennale.