Alketa Xhafa Mripa uses site-spefic performance and installation, video documentation of a staged action. Her work focuses on issues of gender, migration, nationalism and media to create an acute critique on the status quo and the deep psychological structure of modern society. For the Autostrada Biennale, she sets up a performance at the Bus Station, a place where big and small politics are brought together through the passengers and vehicles, a place that both represents the various routes of political control and at the same time produces the lines of flight coming and going across borders. On a regular pool table are placed fifteen white balls, made ready as an arena of power players. As the game normally goes, rules and borders of the arena are agreed on by players. When the performance starts, the artist emerges from somewhere around the Bus Station, walks toward the pool table, climbs up, lies down on her stomach, stick her head outside of the pool table edge. Then she spits, her natural spit goes beyond the borders!!! Beyond the expression of communication and reconciliation. The action is scheduled to repeat a few times during the Biennale, performed by female art students from the university.