Installation view

With the re-declaration of independence of Kosova on 17 February 2008 and with the foundation of Kosova' state, among the public opinion began to circulate the idea that since Kosova has became a state, now we can also look forward to the Kosova nation, because every state should have his own nationality, different (divers) by other national-states.

The Kosova state is pretending to be the fundamental purpose of the people of Kosova. Therefore, if the greatest aim of people is the independence as a purpose in itself, then the citizens between themselves will be reunited under a new political identity which is the state of Kosova. In a manner of speaking, this shared intention will represent the foundation of Kosova‘s political nation.

However is it possible the creation of the Kosova‘s multi-ethnic political nation? Do National identity and State identity exist in parallel when they are not unified with each other? which is the new identity aspiration of people of Kosova and how can we evaluate this aspiration?

“a history that continues the continuity with the great ancestors, a series of heroes as model of national virtues, one language, some cultural monuments, a folklore, historical places and a typical panorama, special mentality, some formal representations – hymn and flag- and some scenic identifying features- clothing, specific dishes or emblematic animals”

Kosovo is a country still closed within its own borders; Kosovo has an uncertain history, and a unwritten future, not necessarily shared with neighbours and occupants; the population is looking for its own identity. Here, I mean Nation as an individual space, like a House. House can be meant as a place for sharing, that is also the idea of community aimed to create a common cultural heritage. I choose to work with one of the most evocative decorative elements, representing both the private and the collective sphere: the carpet. The warp and the weft of the carpet are meant as the textures of life. Carpet is space and place of domestic intimacy, as well as the place/object where opinions and thoughts are exchanged. The carpet is the delimited area where shared symbols are represented. My intention is to create an open work, where the audience becomes author, being involved in the settling of the symbols. The work consists of a questionnaire for the creation of a future Kosovo identity based on three basic concepts: landscape, collective memory and future. I imagine my work as a wool warp to be discussed during the time of the exhibition, in view of the finalization.

This carpet to be weaved is a tribute to all the Nations where both the sense of belonging and the future find their own foundations in the "tension" of the making.