Iva Lulashi
É invisibile e non si sente l’odore, Avversario dell’ordine, Le disavventure della Virtù


6 October, 2018




Iva Lulashi

Title: É invisibile e non si sente l’odore,

Title: Avversario dell’ordine,

Title: Le disavventure della Virtù

Medium: Paintings

Year: 2019

The work of Iva Lulashi begins with research on her country of origin during communist. Her investigation uses photos taken from the web, frames of film and hard videos, cut, enriched and subsequently painted. Parallel regime’s actions, the artist emphasizes the socio-political aspects while censoring the erotic and religious ones, highlighting the gap in the process. In the piece È invisibile e non si sente l’odore the artist aims to remove the human, a metaphor of sexuality. The scene is taken from a film without audio, so that it cannot influence the reading of images. L’ordine shows the naivety of the boys who played with weapons during the 1997 Albanian civil war, the same ones that would have killed thousands of civilians. The shadow of the beholder is projected violently from the edge of Le disavventure della virtù. The central figure with raised arms, from the white dress cut on the breasts, seems resigned while at the same time open to the violence it is about to receive. Every piece communicates silently with the others.

– Angelantonio Altamura