A glossy stainless steel object that resembles a gaurds house, or solders house, or police border object.

The object has a proper door, that can be open and closed or the spectator. Inside of the steel object table and chair would be installed, and a small sink.Outside of the object, a trained german shepherd dog would be tied for the box.

Since the object is made of glossy stainless steel, a spetctator could see his own distorted reflection on the outer walls. Entering the object, the spectaor could feel the anxiety of the work itself and the borders of any kind.

The Wind Shifts

This is how the wind shifts:

Like the thoughts of an old human,

Who still thinks eagerly

And despairingly.

The wind shifts like this:

Like a human without illusions,

Who still feels irrational things within her.

The wind shifts like this:

Like humans approaching proudly,

Like humans approaching angrily.

This is how the wind shifts:

Like a human, heavy and heavy,

Who does not care.

--- Wallace Stevens