Parking / AUTOSTRADA BIENNALE / Prizren / Kosovo / Curatorial text

The Autostrada Bienniale presents an international event of contemporary art in one of the finest cities with meaningful years of history left behind, Prizren, which is located in the southern part of the Republic of Kosovo. Positioned in the center of Balkan, this city, correlating a wonderful variety of architectural styles ( Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian), tries to move ahead of the historical values by launching innovative forms of international art.

The contemporary art contest becomes even more competitive with its own ideas, especially when its location is specifically in a city contrary to contemporary, historical. Selecting Prizren (In South of Kosovo) for a contemporary event, emphasizes the risk or the paradox of uncomprehending the “contemporary spirit”, to be perceived just like in other “epicenters” of art like : Berlin, Paris, London, New York, etc.

In-between these exotic-historical paradoxes, art gains a compromising fresh flavored importance, as if we wish to dream about new values and new experimental spaces. Idealizing this effort to be exposed differently even in the suburb scenes of art, it builds an exciting dimension against the perception of a new type of contemporary product … some kind of “hope-product”.

The process of overlapping idealism in the peripheral world-wide scene, makes you revolve around your own like you want to rebuilt another non excising world, which does not react spontaneously but concretely, by taking over the expansion of contemporary art’s systems in Balkans and beyond ... These proposals, which germinate in unimaginative places, will be the very “hopes” and “invisible sources” of the future.

Even if located in the suburbs and almost non-existent in the world-wide art map, seeks to be self-launched with concrete energies and concepts, which tend to “modify” even a little this map, by initiating from thy-self … from zero. The curatorial concept of Parking -The Autostrada Bienniale, sustains upon this paradoxical and idealistic parameter to open futuristic and efficient “emergency doors”.

Invited artists: Ozan UNAL (Tukey), Shpend HAVOLLI (Kosovë), DY ZERO TRE Collective (Italy ), Sanja LATINOVIC & Ranko DJANCOVIC (Serbia), Conny Karlsson LUNDGREN (Sweden), Jehone (y- serious) Kosovo, Boban ANASTASI ( albania), Agron BLAKQORI (Kosovë).

The selection of the artists was made according to smooth and direct symbolic. Artists bring to the Autostrada Biennial, small pieces of personal research as points of view, regarding invisible social problems or emotional states against human contradicts. Upon these thin boundaries, artist’s works relates in a perfect way with the underground gallery-garage, which is an ironic art installation.

Setting bases upon social perceptions is the common element of each artist’s work and this is exactly what is unique about this event which will take place three floors underground in a big public parking lot, named EUROPA CENTER, somewhere in the center of this historical old city. The contemporary art event Autostrada Bienniale will start under the pressure of the cement structure of “Europa Center”, three floors underground with: performance, video art, installations.

Coming back to the selection’s concept of the artist’s works and the exposure space, this garage-gallery transforms into a very provocative space as symbolic tension, which grows gradually to propose new forms of communication between emergency art and old convectional artistic structures in Ballkan.

Only if we may want to start from the beginning every time, this event will seek to show that ART WILL ALWAYS START FROM ZERO - “ … The emptiness is filled only with colors ... ” Albert Camus

(have a nice passage Prizren of the future !…)