The foundation stone for “Autostrada Biennale” is laid

Prizren, 23 July 2016 – International conference "Contemporary past. Historical future. '' gathered today in Prizren, artists, curators and potential partners to reflect on contemporary issues, such as cultural activities – the importance of contemporary art biennale in region and wider.

This conference organized by Autostrada Biennale, held in Hamam "Gazi Mehmet Pasha", aims to encourage the creation of new opportunities for expansion and revival of the artistic community. It is the first step towards the contemporary art biennale – Autostrada Biennale, to be held in September 2017 in Prizren, Kosovo.

The first day of the conference was divided into two sessions, starting from 11:00, respectively 15:00h.

In the first session, titled "Art and undefined creative territories", moderated by Stefano Romano, the relationship of art and global movements was addressed. Speakers: Iara Boubnova (ICA / Sofia, Bulgaria); Sezgin Boynik (Theorist / Helsinki, Finland); Sislej Xhafa (Artist / New York, USA); Yehuda Safran (Columbia University / New York, USA); Miran Mohar (Artist, IRWIN / Ljubljana Slovenia), discussed how the role of art changed in the last few years. Who and what is setting the role of art today? In search of what conditions is art today? Are these forms of art presentation reinventing new definitions? What is the next step?


Second session “A city that has no gallery, but has an art biennale”, will be moderated by Eliza Hoxha, while panel members are: Anna Smolak (Curator, Poland); Gëzim Paçarizi (Architect / Geneva, Swiss); Klod Dedja (M.A.M. Foundation / Tirana, Albania); Nikolett Erőss (OFF Biennale / Budapest, Hungary); Petrit Halilaj (Artist, Founder of Hajde Foundation / Berlin, Germany).

This session will be the about the structure and composition of the upcoming biennale and the possibilities of organizing a bienniale of contemporary art, in a city that does not have an art gallery? Is it a legitimate act the self- identification of (alternative) spaces for use by changing their designation (for contemporary art), including cultural heritage buildings? Can we predict the future of contemporary art and art biennale?


International conference "Contemporary past. Historical future" will continue with the next sessions on Sunday, 24 July 2016.