Installation view

"Podium / Oil on Canvas / 150x207cm / 2014"

The Rromani Language has resisted for centuries without being written, and it has been transmitted from a generation to another only orally. A moment from a Legend that my father says: There was a time where all nations went to get the letters to the kingdom.

"Territorial Symphony / Oil on Canvas / 150x207cm / 2014"

The sound of a bulldozer, the sound of the police stepping in the house, and the sound of the roof that is falling down, turns into my music. The music that is composed for me. The territorial symphony is the symphony that follows the forced eviction of the rromani people in Europe.

"Zhamballa / Oil on Canvas / 150x207cm / 2015"

Zhamballa, a special game that goes around up and down is a symbol of celebration of Herdelezi (Saint George ) in the Romani neighborhood of the village of Baltez in Fier. The name Zhamballa comes from Zhamba (the frog ) - the sound that the wood makes when it comes around, sounds like the songs of the frogs in the summer.

"I am Maria / Oil on Canvas / 80x90cm / 2013"

I am Maria, i am the white Romani girl from Bulgarian mother who gave me for adoption to a Roma family in Greece. I become famous when the police man found me in the Roma neighborhood. where I was living with my new family.

"Museum of Conversation, Oil on Canvas / 133x210 cm / 2015"

A moment where my Mother and Father come for the first time to see the opening of my exhibition.

"I am ECO / Oil on Canvas / 130x213 cm / 2015"