The coastal areas in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan suffer the worst land subsidence in Taiwan. Every time the artist visited these places, he saw official residences of salt farms and military blockhouses submerged in water. These abandoned buildings seemed to tell their stories to the artist. In his mind, he could almost see the bustling scenes of the past with the shouting of salt workers, the noise of machines, and the military cadence cried out by soldiers. Today, these abandoned buildings filled with history are in water due to land subsidence with no one paying attention to them! As the world faces climate change and global warming, scientists predict that the sea level will rise by one meter a century later. How about now?

There are sediment trapping and extracting at dams, land subsidence due to underground water withdrawal in the coastal areas, seashore degradation due to the felling of windbreak, and the change of ocean currents. Climate change has led to the change of wind direction, which occurs more and more frequently and with higher intensity. Everything is changing except our thinking. We do not take Mother Nature's warnings seriously and still believe that humankind will triumph over nature.