Opening of 4. Autostrada Biennale in Prizren

Opening of 4. Autostrada Biennale in Prizren 

This is a report from the intense, wonderful, meaningful days of the opening of the 4. Autostrada Biennale. We have intended to create a slow exhibition, where we take time to look at art and see, listen, and perceive what it is that it really tries to tell us. As we walked across the city with the artists, curators, visitors, team and passer-by’s, we encountered many artworks and engaged in the conversations with their authors. We give huge thanks to everyone involved in this very complex and rich process from far and near.

Autostrada Biennale is also a platform to work with contemporary art as a way of surviving and thriving in Kosovo, a place on earth where the memory of war is still present and too omnipresent in the media, and where we understand art is a way to create other images and imaginaries from our position in Western Balkans, in Eastern Europe and in the biennales at large.

As our curators say – there are biennales and biennales – Autostrada places itself in the lineage of Biennales of Resistance, by a continuous local work of production and education. This process leads to the beauty of the exhibitions, that one day disappears, but it does not leave a void behind. Quite the opposite – they keep growing. Resistance for us is also a form of standing for something rather than against. It is a journey with striking and meaningful art, but also with community creation, dancing, hanging-out, conversing, learning and unlearning.

Our beautiful exhibition “All Images Will Disappear, One Day” is now there and it is open for you to come and see. Join us till 9th of September in Kosovo. Thank you everyone for your trust and support along the way!

The 4th edition of Autostrada Biennale is made possible with the generous support and partnership of the Allianz Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Prizren Municipality, 

Prishtina Municipality, Mitrovica Municipality, Foundation for Art Initiatives, US Embassy in Prishtina, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, GIZ and ITP Prizren, 7 Arte, SAHA Foundation, ERIAC, French Embassy, Goethe Zentrum Prishtina, Kunstfack Unifersity, HBS, Raiffeisen Bank, Kreativ Qeramika, UNDP, UNKT, Radiance, National Gallery of Kosovo, RrOK, Disco grupi, Kow Berlin, Birra Peja and Pyke-Presje.

In addition, Autostrada Biennale is grateful for the valuable contribution of numerous individual work and conversation partners in Prishtina, Prizren and Mitrovica who made this edition possible. 

Let's keep the magic alive!

Photo credits: Tuğhan Anıt

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