Sun Pillar, Shoreline, Lighthouse, 2022 - Autostrada Biennale

Sun Pillar, Shoreline, Lighthouse, 2022

Artist: Bella Rune

Venue: Hangar 3

Bella Rune’s sculptures are both foldable and monumental, crafty and immaterial. Made from dyed silk mohair yarn and metal, they form an AR-like experience in physical space. Their twisted threads and the sculptures’ suspension from the ceiling alter their environments. Rune sees this textile performativity as “crafting subversive activity.” The yarn’s technologies, materiality, and traditions are centralized through the sculptures’ constructions. The pieces explore warp via recurring patterns in different color schemes. Weaving, here, is a metaphor for opening unexpected connections between textile and virtual traditions. The artist spins a web toward future realities in a leak between the digital and physical world. Classic textile traditions recur throughout the artist’s work. By experimenting with various materials and techniques, the works connect to the ongoing interest in craft, history, and new media.

Bella Rune (1971) was born in Stockholm and lives and works in Stockholm.

Text by Hampus Bergander

Photo credits Tuğhan Anıt

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