Just between Us, 2023 - Autostrada Biennale

Just between Us, 2023

Artist: Mila Panić

Venue: Hangar 3

After leaving Bosnia for Berlin, Mila Panić began to question her thoughts of return, had feelings of guilt and responsibility, and existed in the uncertainty of living on the border between “here and there.” Through visual art and stand-up comedy, she focuses on personal stories that she transforms into witty and droll narratives about longing for a better life. The artist uses humor to create liberating moments or to laugh at patriarchy, displacement, and desperate situations. Just between Us, created especially for Autostrada Biennale, originated from the artist’s experience in stand-up comedy, where she uses comedy techniques to subvert the format of art talks and bring humor into institutional settings and the art world. As she presents jokes, visitors are encouraged to offer their own comments, to “punch up,” express themselves through laughter, or engage in discussions with one another. Panić’s stand-up comedy and drawings in Prizren center on her journey to Kosovo, including the invitation to participate in Autostrada and the process of obtaining a visa. She incorporates stories about Kosovo she knew from her upbringing and everyday occurrences she’s witnessed in the diaspora, like feeling out of place and experi-ences of love and work. So let us laugh, because when we do, especially at ourselves, we are more prone to embrace change. The script is there, but the emotion is real.

Mila Panić (1991) was born Brčko and lives and works in Berlin.

Text by Joanna Warsza

Photo credits Tuğhan Anıt

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