Live in Rotterdam and Berlin, they started their collaboration in the Netherlands in 1997 during their MFA studies. Their work is often realized together with groups and individuals of different professions, activists, decision makers and people of all walks of life. They work with a variety of media, such as video, photography, text, audio/music, sculpture, multi media installations, performance. At times they engaged in generating open processes or ongoing long term projects, at times they engage them selves with specific social, historic and political contexts to portray and or intervene in the specific moment, taking part in a larger sociopolitical process, exploring the possibilities of art´s agency. In their works they critically and playfully focus on everyday life and how it is shaped or affected by ideological, socioeconomic, cultural and political factors. Asymmetry is a guiding principle in their multimedia and interventionist work, which often addresses injustice, inequalities and emancipation, portraying the oppressed and the authoritative subject as well as the emancipating one. Among their works are the ongoing campaign projects Your Country Doesn´t Exist (2003-ongoing) and ThE riGHt tO RighT/WrOnG (2012-ongoing).