(Italy, 1975), he lives and works between Albania and Italy. He graduated at “G.Carrara” Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo, where he also worked as an assistant of several artists and then as a professor. He works from more than a decade in Albania where he conceived several projects as artist as well as curator. In 2012 he co-founded DyZeroTre (DZT) and MAPS – Mobile Archive on Public Space. Romano’s work focuses on the search for the identity and contradictions that this continual search has whenever it collides with every kind of system within which we live: the social system, the urban system,the art system. Romano, worksin aprocess field, through temporary actions, performances, installations and photographic works, in a relational dimension that crosses his background and that becomes collective participation, aesthetic and political mobilization, looking for new models of sociability. As an artist, as well as curator.