4 October, 2018

The foundations of the current bus station were laid in 1978, and in 1981 it opened to the public. The Bus Station also had a wedding hall where different weddings and events were organized. During the trends of privatization in the post-Yugoslav period, the bus station was excluded from the list of privatization and to this day remains in use as a public facility.

In Autostrade Biennale’s first edition, the bus station was used as a meeting spot for artists, whose work dealt with the politics of mobility, refugees, dislocated minorities, migration, cultural exchange, the limitless nature of the imagination, war, gender borders, as well as visible and invisible borders of the contemporary public space.

From the 19th of August to the 23rd of September, these artworks were exhibited in the station’s foyer, cafés, offices, facades, its outdoor space, as well as inside its old legendary wedding hall. The opening ceremony of Autostrada Biennale was also held at the Bus Station.