5 October, 2018

Between 1848-1850, Mehmet Pasha Rrotulla (Rrotulla being the ruling family in Prizren), the governor of Prizren at the time, decided to restore the Fortress and make it habitable. At that time, various masters from from Greece came for construction works, and most of them settled in this area. In Prizren they were known as Cincar (Vlach). Being the distinguished masters that they were, they also built their own church, which still stands next to the church of Christ the Savior, built in the 14th century. The Cincar had their own language and culture, but were later assimilated with the arrival of the Slavs, who settled in the same area under the fortress. Some of them preserved their language by speaking it amongst themselves, but most of them became Slavs. Today most of them are considered Serbian, however their origins are Vlach.