2017 Sponsors

Ministry of Culture, Youth ...

Departamenti i Kulturës harton dhe zbaton politika zhvillimore në fushën e arteve skenike-muzikor, arteve vizuale / pamore, botimeve dhe bibliotekarin sipas standardeve evropiane, duke konsideruar kulturën si një mekanizëm me ndikim të fuqishëm për zhvillimin demokratik të vendit, si dhe për ri-afirmimin e identitetit kulturor të Kosovës në rajon si pjesë përbërëse e identitetit kulturor evropian.


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Swiss Cooperation Office Ko...

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy focuses on large, long-term programmes, which are implemented with professional partners. In order to support grassroots initiatives, the embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss Cooperation Office can additionally (co-)finance projects by local organisations quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy through small action grants.

These small action grants aim to contribute to social inclusion and improved livelihoods, especially for the most, disadvantaged and vulnerable within Kosovar society. Previous grants ranged from cultural projects, sports activities, environmental activities and human rights initiatives to small-scale development projects.


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U.S. Embassy in Kosovo

The United States established diplomatic relations with Kosovo in 2008, following its declaration of independence from Serbia. The United States has been joined by more than 100 countries in its recognition of Kosovo as an independent, sovereign state. We remain committed to working with the Government of Kosovo and international partners to strengthen Kosovo’s institutions, rule of law, and economy and build a democratic, law-abiding, multi-ethnic, tolerant, and prosperous country.


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Kosovo Foundation for Open ...

The Kosovo Foundation for Open Society is a local non-governmental organisation and part of the international network of philanthropic foundations financed by George Soros. The Foundation works with government and civil society to strengthen capacities, improve implementation of existing policies and develop new strategic directions. It does so both through developing and implementing its own projects, and by supporting Kosovar organisations that require both financial and operational assistance.


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The Sustainable Development Goals in Kosovo – UNKT: unkt.org/2018/03/01/sustainable-development-goals-kosovo

The government priorities have for last years shifted to more advanced development aspects such as the economic growth, advanced quality of education and investment in human capital. UNKT comes together to work in step with the government’s requests, with each of its member providing assistance to Kosovo in its respective areas of specialization – be it health, children’s rights, Gender equality, education, environment, good governance or agricultural and economic development.


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Embassy of Austria in Pristina


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Embassy of Luxembourg in Pr...


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Prizren Municipality



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Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI). RBI came to Kosovo by the end of 2002 by purchasing most of the shares of the American Bank of Kosovo to complete the purchase and rename the bank in June 2003. In June 2003, RBI became the owner of 100% of shares and named the Bank Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo. RBI offers corporate and investment banking for Austrian and international companies, an extensive banking and leasing network in CEE for both corporate and retail customers. Additionally, the Group comprises numerous other financial service providers, for instance in the fields of leasing, asset management as well as mergers and acquisitions.



To be the leading universal bank in Kosovo.



To develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing a wide range of competitive products and a high standard of service.

To be the employer of choice.


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Birra Peja

The geographic position of Kosovo and the specific climatic conditions, pure crystal waters, since the Illyrian times, have donated a pearl of Peja town called Beer Peja. The brewery started construction in 1968, while the production started Since 1971. The factory complex comprises a total area of 24 ha, with all its infrastructure. Since privatization and by April 2010, considerable investments have been made in new production, technology, energy, infrastructure, marketing and other sectors. Within the brewery complex are also the malt factory, the refined alcohol factory and the commercial network.


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Proton Cable

Proton Cable is a new factory for production of low voltage power cables and conductors. Our factory is based in Prizren and together with foreign partners Proton Cable is equipped with production lines of latest SIEMENS technology that enables complete control of workflow at each step of production, products are check with laser control and high voltage spark testers on production lines, then all our products are strictly self-audited by our quality control laboratory which is ensuring us to provide continuous quality products to our customers.


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Rugove’s mission is to make its brand become the synonym of health, quality and good living. We strive to maintain the highest quality and service of all our products, making sure that everything we produce is delivered not only in Kosovo but also on the regional scale.

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Gjirafa.com, is the first product launched by Gjirafa, Inc. The Albanian search engine, accompanied by News Aggregator and news search, classified ads, bus schedules data, and weather data. Gjirafa has over 200 million Albanian pages indexed, and aggregates news from Balkans on minute by minute basis.


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Kujtesa is the leading provider of cable TV and broadband internet services in Kosovo. Kujtesa provides all-in-one off-the shelf and tailor made solutions for businesses and households in areas of Internet, Digital TV and Fixed Telephony.

Kujtesa was established in 1995 initially as a computer hardware retailer and later moved on to provide Internet services. In 2006, Kujtesa entered the cable TV market in Kosovo. Today, Kujtesa TV platform consists of 125+ channels including KSport channel platform.

Kujtesa is dedicated to providing services meeting the needs of businesses and households, and providing them with reasonable price solutions that precisely match their requirements. Kujtesa provides customers with services that advance their experience in life, work, learning and entertainment.

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2017 Partners


The foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) is an independent Swedish non-governmental organisation dedicated to rescuing and preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage affected by conflict, neglect or human and natural disasters. We see our work as a vital contribution to building democracy and supporting human rights.

CHwB is neutral when it comes to conflicting parties, but not to the rights of all people to cultural heritage – now and in the future. CHwB works with cultural heritage as an active force in reconciliation, peace building and social and economic development by creating capacity, awareness and opportunities for preserving and rescuing cultural heritage in societies affected by conflict, neglect or human and natural disasters.

CHwB is committed to equality, non-discrimination, participation, accountability and transparency.


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The philosophy of the institution has been to offer internationally competitive programs in higher education and life long learning. UBT College offer is based on both demand and supply side of education system. The institution has introduced innovative programmes that are essential for economic and social development in areas of mechatronics, energy efficiency and integrated design. UBT also offers programmes that were meant to service the existing demand in the areas of engineering, economy, public policy and and medicine.


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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Pr...

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in its work is guided by the basic values of social democracy: freedom, justice, solidarity and international cooperation. The aim of FES Prishtina is to offer the Kosovar society an understanding of democratic processes such as political party development, fair elections and active citizenship.This is to be achieved through the various projects and activities implemented in Kosovo with the cooperation of our local and international partners. Activities are planned and held in cooperation with our partner organisations. FES offers in the first place national, regional and international workshops, seminars and conferences, research studies, political analysis, publications, as well as exchange programmes.


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Ec Ma Ndryshe

The non-governmental organization “Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe” was established in March 2006 in the culture-rich city of Prizren, Kosovo. EC is engaged for active citizenship in creating a living environment by promoting an appropriate organization of the community, democratization of institutions and enrichment of cultural life in the main centers of Kosovo, with a special focus on Prizren and Prishtina. Whereas the work of the organization is led by the following values: impartiality, activism, result-orientation and the community as the basis for action.

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National Art Gallery Kosova

The Kosova National Art Gallery, is an art gallery situated at The University of Pristina Campus, right behind the National Library of Kosova in Prishtina, Kosovo, founded in February 1979. It is the highest institution of visual arts in the Republic of Kosova.

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QRTK-Prizren, planifikon, koordinon, monitoron dhe zbaton planet dhe aktivitetet në fushën e trashëgimisë kulturore në Regjionin e Prizrenit.


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FEMaktiv është iniciativë e grave dhe vajzave të Prizrenit, që synojnë ta sfidojnë mendësinë patriarkale në diskursin publik të qytetit. Iniciativa FEMaktiv është krijuar si domosdoshmëri në një ambient ku i gjithë opinioni publik krijohet dhe formësohet nga burrat.


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