Minister of culture Hajrulla Çeku visited Autostrada Hangar - Autostrada Biennale

Minister of culture Hajrulla Çeku visited Autostrada Hangar

The Minister of Culture Hajrulla Çeku visited "Autostrada Hangar" the new space of education, production and exhibition, which was created by Autostrada Biennale and opened to the public, in the former military base of German KFOR, now ITP (Innovation and Training Park in Prizren).

Minister Mr. Çeku emphasized that "this new space, very necessary for the art community and citizens, will provide the place and the opportunity for learning and exchange of knowledge between young professionals as well as with external experts who will be engaged through the education program." He added that "Besides the contemporary art exhibitions, Autostrada Hangar is an added value for the community as a multifunctional space serving the citizens in general."

The Autostrada Biennale team expressed readiness to continue the close cooperation with MCYS and its subordinate institutions with the aim of achieving common objectives.

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