New Education and Production Space

Autostrada Biennale announces the Education and Production Space

24 March, 2021

Autostrada Biennale as the only contemporary art institution in Prizren functions on two speeds, one is a physical exhibition happening in the public space every two years, the second is our long-term plan to establish a workshop and an open new educational premise in the former military base, now ITP (Innovation and Training Park) Prizren. The project is supported by US Embassy in Prishtina and co-financed by Prizren Municipality. This is a process we desire to open to the public, also by making art production as a form of learning.

Our new education and project space is around 550 m2. It will especially be used to fill the urgent need of a non-formal education and skills building programs in order to empower youth in Prizren and in Kosovo.

Through a process of education, onsite training, and an open production towards exhibition, our aim is to develop new models of cultural production that will encourage the young generation to become part of the artwork building and installing process as well as of critical thinking through art. We hope such a model will bring values of sustainable living especially at a time of socio-economic depression. This project space aims to generate coexistence among communities by working and producing together as a team.

The space with its two studios, the Atelier and the Technology LAB, along with its education program employing experts in their fields, will have a long-term impact on young people for future jobs related to art, technology and innovation. More specifically there will be ongoing production skills workshops on: Wood and Metal Shaping, Design and Fabrication; Communication and Multimedia; Robotic, Coding and Electronics Workshop; and 3D Modelling & 3D Printing Workshop.

Through such an education space, we hope to reinforce the role of the Autostrada Biennale and contemporary art as soft infrastructure in Kosovo, supporting the community as well as the translocal solidarity in times of double isolation.

Autostrada Biennale Education and Production Space thanks the US Embassy in Prishtina and Prizren Municipality for their support and commitment.