Fatmir Mustafa – Karllo


Fatmir Mustafa – Karllo (b. 1984 Konjare) is an artist from Kosovo. Karllo lives and works in Prishtina, Kosovo. He studied at the University of Prishtina and completed his MA at the University of Arts Helsinki, Kuvataideakatemia, Department of Sculpture, Finland. 

His practice articulates itself through social actions, in the form of photography, video, sculptures, and installations. The place is central to his work, as he seeks to challenge the roles, borders, myths, and habits that belong to particular sites.

His work penetrates into the social and political paradoxes that occur within his locality. Finding and morphing into any medium that complies with the current situations or topics suiting best on his work ethic. Often, he finds himself possessing an impulsive expression that reflects and relates toward social life, which affects his integrity as an individual and artist. His initial instinct is to respond loudly towards situations revealing and unearthing imposed rigid conditioning.