Jakup Ferri


Born 1981, Prishtina (Kosovo), Lives and works in Amsterdam and Prishtina While I was studying (1999-2004), my city Prishtina was invisible and isolated from the western (art) world. This became an influence for my work, its content and its appearance. The awareness of the political situation; the invisibility of my country within the artworld and the alienation from western art from which art students like myself suffered, resulted in a series of video’s where I dealt with this problematical case. It resulted in videos created with a certain spontaneity and desire to experiment. I reflect on them more as ‘test’ videos. I used myself as the main protagonist in these videos to establish an ironic distance to issues of cultural identity, history and the place of the peripheral artist. Often the videos exist of just one shot. Using my own appearance seems a necessary strategy. I show myself far away from art-history, trapped in my own house, neighborhood and my room. I wanted to challenge my own reality. Also my physical appearance distracts from the political weight and creates an imaginary space for a more universal and psychological interpretation, thus showing an absurd vision on humanity. This also applies to my drawings.