Lek M. Gjeloshi


Lek M. Gjeloshi (Shkodër, Albania, 1987) studied Visual Arts at Fine Arts Academy of Florence (2010). His artistic practice mainly focuses on the elaboration of a particular intensity emanated by the absence of a predetermined object of investigation. Passing through the video to site-specific and other conceptual actions, the direct application – the visual or the visible ones – of his work it’s realized in the intimate relation established

with the modeled and found space. Most of his works are shown only through light, meaning on a projector or luminous screen surfaces and illuminated volumes, which create monochromatic areas with a variety of grays, where every step takes the visitors deeper into the “Stimmung” or atmosphere of a world in continuous transition, even if at first glance nothing seems to be happening.

His solo exhibitions include: “Everlast” at Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art (Prishtina, 2019); “Sleepwalkers” at Zeta Gallery (Tirana, 2018); “All my colours turn to clouds” at Villa Romana (Florence, 2016); “Off-cells” at Civic Gallery of Shkodër (2016). In 2016 he was the winner of “Ardhje Award” for Young Visual Artists, organized by TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art in Albania. He has participated in many group exhibitions from 2007, including: “Border Crossing”, Teatro Garibaldi (Palermo, 2019); “Albania is not Cuba”, El Paquete Seminale, (Cuba, 2019); “Ex Gratia”, Collezione Iannaccone (Milan, 2018); “A time for dreams”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art ( 2014). In 2018 he was artist-in-residence at Residency Unlimited in New York.