Panel: Every revolution starts with a voice!

9 September, 2019


13.09.2019 / Friday / Prizren

18:00 – 19:20 / A Guided Tour Visit in 3 Exhibitions Venues of Autostrada Biennale (Bus Station, Archaeology Museum and Ex-Prison)

19:30 – 21:00 / Panel theme: Every revolution starts with a voice! / Meeting Point (Vatrat Shqiptare St.)

This panel is an exploration of voice, perspective and positionality. Communication is key in mobilising the people and every revolution starts with a voice; but traditional media spaces have prioritised certain voices and narratives over others. The rise of digital media has opened new frontiers in this landscape and instigated a reframing of what the public voice is, prompting renewed questions about who is telling the story – and how. As the old guard of the media loses political and social currency, new methods of story-telling are needed more than ever to connect with a fragmented and saturated audience. The conversation is an inquiry about the words of change: what is being said, how, and by who. A panel is supported by UNMIK.

Edis Galushi – Activist, Actor and Screen Writer, Opening remarks, 10 min

Sanam Dolatshahi, Communications Specialist – 10min
Video Screening “Meat in the Middle” (05’ 32”)
Lola Sylaj – Artist, 10min
Dardan Zhegrova – Artist, 10min
Barış Karamuço – Filmmaker and co-founder of Autostrada Biennale, 10min                                                                                  Andjelka Cup – Journalist, 10min

Open Discussion