The Cool Couple
Emozioni Mondiali


6 October, 2018




The Cool Couple
(Nicolò Benetton – Simone Santilli)

Tittle: Emozioni Mondiali

Medium: Installation

Year: 2018

Photo by: Tuğhan Anıt

The Cool Couple has been exploring the way in which images relate to reality since 2012. They have done this by building displays that use different media and material, devices and installations where the public is key to activating the works. The artists aspire to make people reflect and inspire debate on the patterns that govern society, by using the language and objects of contemporaneity. Emozioni Mondiali (2018) is such an example: a station to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, a football game in which the teams take the appearance and names of movements or periods in the history of art. By using a language understandable to the new generations, and in a more casual tone, the viewer is invited to sit on the “bench” and activate the work: the filter of the game shows the connections between the patterns of the art world and the universe of football. Thus, the work addresses the public with a captivating aesthetic and a contemporary medium like the video game. Through it, we are allowed to learn about the history of art and the relationships between images, in order to be able to interact with them, as declared in one of the banners placed on of the team’s benches, “Change history with a strike”.

– Ilaria Festa