Ilija Šoškić
Il Teatro del Pane

Project, interaction, installation, video

6 October, 2018




Ilija Šoškić

Title: Il Teatro del Pane

Medium: Project, interaction, installation, video

Year: 1989 – 2019

The work of Ilija Šoškić lëviz moves between performance, video and installations. Šoškić has always considered artistic space the place for political battle, a place to tackle social issues. He combines his revolutionary thinking with an interest in mathematical science as a source of universal knowledge together with metaphysics and philosophy. From this flows her axiom of Entscheidungsproblem (“continue to verify”), which means to search for truths that can be expressed by conceptual art, which becomes a philosophical contemplation of meaning as a precondition for social and artistic survival. Il Teatro del Pane is a project started in 1986 for “Art, criticism, in the middle of the 80’s” held in Sarajevo and repeated over the years with different methods that always include the local populace and the artist as a performer. The bread, placed on the ground on white sheets, becomes, for Šoškić, an ancestral symbol of man’s primary needs. An unidentified axiom that will be examined with the help of thought and artistic practice.

– Ilaria Leonetti