Hristina Ivanoska
Intimate introspection: artist and/or society

Installation, dimensions variable

6 October, 2018




Hristina Ivanoska

Title: Intimate introspection: artist and/or society

Medium: Installation

Courtesy: The Artist

Year: 2019

The Macedonian artist has always kept social and political themes of contemporary systems close at heart. Making use of videos, texts and installations, she puts her works in front of an audience which functions as an enormous magnifying glass to better see the present, in order not to remain passive in the face of everyday events. The 2012-2013 piece Intimate Introspection: artist and/or society demonstrates how the role of the artist in contemporary society wavers in the face of the violent occupation of public space by neo-liberal capitalism supported by the governmental elite. As Hristina Ivanoska explains, the cardboard boxes are the foundation, the “inexpensive”, “economic” platform that places the artist at the extremes of society. Boxes that are unused and covered with writing – quotes from various sources are rubbish, objects to be left on the side of the road, just on the periphery, believes Ivanoska. The periphery where the poorest reside, and whose existence depends on recycled material. The voice of the ones no one listens to, the places that everyone pretends not to see. This is where the focus of the contemporary artist should be.

– Lucia Appollonio