Adrian Paci
The column


6 October, 2018


Duration: 25’40’’


Adrian Paci

Title: The column

Medium: Video

Duration: 25’40’’

Year: 2013

Adrian Paci (Shkodër, 1969) currently lives and works in-between Albania and Milano, the city that he moved in 1997, following the exodus caused by the civil war. Paci reflects on the principal topics that spur contemporary debate. Albania and her recent history are the starting point of his work, in which forced migation, cultural nomadism and the suspended life become collective stories alongside themes of exploitation caused by globalism. A visual metaphor for the current global economic system, the video The Column (2013) follows a huge block of marble extracted from a Chinese cave, that is on its way to Europe by boat. The protagonist is not only the marble column that slowly takes shape from the stone, but also the chinese sculptors that carve it. Its beauty, candor and perfection contrast with the methods that ensure its realization: the logic of ever-greater profits, transport and production times coincide in a factory ship where the workers are treated to conditions of exploitation and insecurity.

– Luana Corrias, Flavia Malusardi