Lek M. Gjeloshi
The real people went away


6 October, 2018




Lek M. Gjeloshi

Title: The real people went away

Medium: Series of 35mm negatives inverted into digital negatives

Year: 2018/19

Photo by: Tuğhan Anıt

Lek M. Gjeloshi links his artistic production with the lyrical poetry of Stimmung, a vaguely translatable term with the “sentimental tonality” that influences the perception of the single elements that compose a landscape. His research aims to find situations where the context itself createsa a loss of reference and a condition of being continually lost. This sense of alienation is felt even though Gjeloshi does not in-tervene in nature, but limits himself to showing a point of view of the “other”, which reveals the trans-cendence inherent in nature itself. In the deserted black and white panorama of Untitled # 2 (2016) a man walks with difficulty on the beach, while a quiet diagonal sea crashes on the shore. Even if it would be enough to tilt the head to return to the conventional horizon, the artist arranges the camera to the same slope of the dune to offer an unprecedented and alienating landscape free from any experiential relevance. The photographic series The real people went away (2018-2019) stems from negatives of unknown origin donated to the artist to test an old magnifier of the Marubi Museum archive in Shkodër, Albania. Trying to invert the colors of the negative with his smartphone, Gjeloshi creates a false positive with a blue shade that gives the photos an unexpected spectral charge, transporting religious subjects and ri-tuals into a mysterious transcendental past.

– Daniele Valente