14 July, 2019

Prizren’s gymnasium began to operate in 1874 as a Ruzhdije (middle school, the Ottoman rule). In 1912, the whole Vilayet of Kosovo was captured by the Serbian army and the Ottoman language was replaced by Serbian language in all schools. The gymnasium was taught in Serbian until 1941. In April 1941, the German, Italian and Bulgarian armies demolished the Yugoslav Kingdom, within which Kosovo was violently held. Nazi-fascist invaders, unlike previous Serb invaders, allowed Kosovo to administer administration, education and culture in Albanian so in Kosovo, Albanian education was being developed for the first time. The first director of the school was Kole Margjini, and the school named as Gjon Buzuku. After the resettlement of Yugoslavia in Kosovo (November 1944), the school changed the name to “Jovanka Rdivojević Kica”. Classes continued to develop in Albanian and Serbian, and in the 50’s also Turkish. Nowadays classes are being held in these three languages.

Artists and Artworks

Lek M. Gjeloshi
Untitled #2, 2016
B/W video, sound, 7’25’’

Lek M. Gjeloshi
The real people went away, 2018/19
Series of 35mm negatives inverted into digital negatives, 15×20 cm

Adrian Paci
The column, 2013
Single-channel digital video, color, sound / 25’ 40’’