Cultural Heritage Bus

5 January, 2020

Autostrada Biennale in the framework of its non-formal education program develops a variety of creative programs aimed at fostering children’s creativity, imagination and critical thinking.

The Cultural Heritage Bus in Pristina is the beginning of a children’s journey into the cultural heritage of the city of Pristina.
The purpose of organizing this lecture and workshop is for pupils to gain knowledge about the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in a unique and creative dimension. The program enables pupils to learn and reflect while moving.
As a first phase, it started with one school and it will continue with other schools in Prishtina.

At this stage, several objects with cultural heritage values have been selected and visualized through numbers. By following the flow of numbers children draw the complete objects. During the workshop children asked questions, reflected, saw and worked on the visualized objects.

The objects selected for the first phase of the tour were: National Library of Kosovo, Grand Hotel, Rilindja, Palace of Youth, Culture and Sports, Former Germia Building, National Theater of Kosovo, Former Hotel Unioni, National Museum of Kosovo, Clock Tower, the Grand Hammam of Pristina and the Sami Frasheri Gymnasium.

Autostrada Biennale thanks architect Teuta Kelmendi for the visualizations and workshop and partners: Municipality of Prishtina, Prishtina Urban Traffic and “Naim Frashëri” school.