Autostrada Biennale is envisioned as an innovative highway connecting the Istanbul, Venice and Prizren Biennales. The spaces are in the alleyways and the Lumbardhi river in Prizren, Kosovo. Considering that the city of Prizren lacks a contemporary art gallery, the biennial, together with the local residents, managed to create its identity by turning the city into an open museum, thereby giving citizens an opportunity to be exposed to art and the reality expressed through artistic works.Autostrada Biennale is an initiative which advocated for the use of alternative spaces, most of them forgotten from collective memory; for organizing various events within the framework of contemporary art; and lastly promoting public spaces and historic buildings which carry values of cultural heritage and collective memory.
In the map bellow you can find all exhibition, event venues and historical sites of Prizren.


The movement of “Autostrada Biennale” represents a concrete idea for “Cooperation between Art and Culture-making Organizations” through crossovers, meaning that the programs of several festivals, galleries, museums, exhibitions and similar will be put together as one. This will establish an easy and simple communication line for being in constant relation with artistic/cultural organizations and spreading their activities within the society and world-wide.
In the second edition of Autostrada Biennale with the theme: “Revolution is Us”, our idea of individual revolution will involve these various organizations and their activities within the informing program, maps, website and vice versa. We think that our cities should be nearer, with no borders between, like neighbors of ideas on the street of art and culture. In this crowded and disoriented world, we hear an asynchronous melody but we need a new composition for more democratic requests coming from our world.