Showcase of the video installatio “Mëma Më Fal – Mamma perdonami” by artist Genny Petrotta

Last Friday we showcased the video installation called "Mëma Më Fal – Mamma perdonami" by artist Genny Petrotta. This project, which won the twelfth edition of the Italian Council, explores the cultural heritage of the Arbëreshë community in Sicily and the history of peasant uprisings.

Genny Petrotta had the opportunity to expand the project as part of the Residency on the Road 2023 Production Fellowship. The project "Mëma Më Fal – Mamma perdonami" was co-produced by Autostrada Biennale and Studio Rizoma. It was also supported by the Allianz Foundation and Italian Council 2023, Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture.

Residency on the Road is a collaborative project between Autostrada Biennale, Studio Rizoma, and Postane, the first three members of the Allianz Foundation Hubs Network.

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