the education and production program "Common Spaces" has begun - Autostrada Biennale

the education and production program “Common Spaces” has begun

We are happy that today Autostrada Hangar has launched the education and production program entitled "Common Spaces". 

In this program, 115 young people from all over Kosovo have applied (70% young women) and 36 participants were selected among them.

The skills-building workshops will be developed in two departments:

- Industrial Design Studio that includes wood, metal, and textile design and fabrication.

- New Media and Communication Studio that includes digital photography, digital film, graphic design, journalism, and writing.

As part of the education program, we will design and produce some outdoor spaces that will serve as meeting points. Young people, by becoming part of the design and creation of common spaces, will become part of the development process that aims to incite discussions and positive changes.

This project is supported by the US Embassy in Prishtina and co-financed by Prizren Municipality.

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