Autostrada Biennale has officially started preparations for the fourth edition

Autostrada Biennale has officially started preparations for the fourth edition to be held in the summer of 2023.

After the reselection of curators Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu and Joanna Warsza for the fourth edition, the Autostrada Biennale team together with the curators have begun intensive preparations with the curatorial research trip.

This year the research program has been enriched through the collaboration with Konstfack University of Arts in Stockholm, more specifically with the participation of 10 curators from the CuratorLab 2022/23 program who will develop the public program of the next edition of the Autostrada Biennale and support curatorial research.

During the research week, we got to know each other, we exchanged ideas, we visited different spaces in Prizren, traveled to Pristina and Mitrovica and we met artists, partners, friends, activists. 

"Biennale of resistance is the general frame and a starting point, we will work together on its epistemic, existential, social and poetical levels. What we desire is - with local knowledge and wisdom on our side - to make a real difference through art, to address heritage, cultural archives, multidirectional memory, contemporary culture fed by diasporic elements or everyday lives…" said the curators of the next edition Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu and Joanna Warsza.

The fourth edition is prepared in the new space "Autostrada Hangar", opened to the public in March 2022. Our multifunctional space will be used for research, education, residential and artistic production programs and will also host an exhibition space for the next edition.

The research program is being supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Municipality of Prizren and the Municipality of Prishtina. We also thank our friends and partners Vladan Jeremic, Rena Raedle, Nora Prekazi, Lulzim Hoti, Tevfik Rada and Valdete Idrizi who joined the research program.

We look forward to welcoming you to the fourth edition of the Autostrada Biennale in July 2023.

And you will certainly hear more from us in the coming months.

The journey continues…

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