Hangar 3

Hangar 3 used to be a maintenance area for KFOR’s vehicles. Within Autostrada, the memory of maintenance translates into a spacious yet delicate proposal to investigate the bonds that unlearning processes build. What have you unlearned today? asks Kamelah Janan Rasheed in a banner outside the hangar, highlighting unlearning as constant work toward political, mental, and spiritual liberation. Xhevdet Xhafa’s memory notes from his lifelong Autobiographia project, which merges personal and collective memory on canvas, converses with Selma Selman’s new painted-car series that portrays women of her family on the night of the first wedding after the war. Mila Panić’s humoristic drawings update the public on immigrant modes of coping for the postwar generation. While School of Mutants’ mobile Playtime creates a collective space to unlearn and play—not only for kids but for adults from different communities of Prizren and beyond as well. In such a constellation, Bella Rune’s works remind usof the delicacy of entanglement and the importance of defining other horizons.


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