the first Symposium about the Museum of Contemporary Art - Autostrada Biennale

the first Symposium about the Museum of Contemporary Art

In Grand Hotel, in Pristina, the International Symposium "What should I weigh you with, with my eyes or with my heart?" was held which gathered the cultural community to discuss the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kosovo.

This was the first activity of the Initiating Council of the Museum of Contemporary Art, while it aimed to find answers to many questions, such as where the location should, what will be the collection of Museum, what impact it will have on society and others.

At the invitation of the Initiating Council and the Ministry of Culture, Autostrada Biennale team was represented by Leutrim Fishekqiu Co-founder, Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu and Joanna Warsza, co-curators of the third and fourth editions of the Autostrada Biennale.

Among the panelists and other participating speakers were Yll Rugova, Flaka Haliti, Cristiana Colli, Nita Zeqiri, Arta Agani, Ana Janevski, Catherine Nichols, Vesa Sahatçiu, Përparim Rama, Vala Osmani, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Jon Maass, Hedwig Fijen, Klodeta Krasniqi and Nicolas Bourriaud.

The answers given by the numerous and experienced panelists will serve as the backbone of further discussions and decisions of the Initiating Council. Autostrada Biennale wishes a successful journey to all involved parties!

Photo by: MCYS

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