Nemanja Cvijanović
The monument to Red Prizren / The Self-protective Monument


6 October, 2018


Public Spaces
Organic materials, metal, fabric, adhesives


Nemanja Cvijanović

Title: The monument to Red Prizren / The Self-protective Monument

Medium: Installation

Year: 2019

Nemanja Cvijanović, born in 1972, is a Croatian artist whose work criticizes political and social conventions, and the mechanisms of production and manupilation characteristic to our century. His criticism manifests itself through collective performances, videos, paintings, photographs and interactive installations that permit a dialogue with the public. Nemanja’s works create a profound relationship between the present and past, which intertwine the ideological values of modern society with historical events, in a continuous political communication. The reinforced concrete sculpture “The monument to Red Prizren / The Self-protective Monument” symbolizes the red star of the partisans. The red glass immersed in the rough concrete block alludes to the partisans and revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives in the fight against fascism. This gives the structure a character that is ready to defend itself from a historical memory whose scars still burn.

– Claudia Ambrosini