Residency on the Road Call: Decolonizing Food

The program focuses on food-related practices and topicsquestioning conventional food practices and exploring as well as exchanging new agricultural and culinary knowledge. It also focuses on the practical skills needed to cultivate food and collect or disseminate seeds, research relating to livestock and the economics of alimentation and the hegemony of industrialised practices in food production and distribution worldwide. There are no limitations for disciplines to involve. Topics can range from the preservation of biodiversity, urban agriculture, cultivation of local native and non-native varieties, or the mismanagement of water reserves to the possibility of creating distribution networks and fostering economic viability through alternative practices.

There are two specific phases: the Generative Phase brings together nine artists, thinkers, researchers, activists, chefs, farmers, anthropologists, designers and other cultural practitioners to spend one week in each of the three participating cities. Each hub will select three residents from their wider region. The travel period will be between March and May 2023. During this period residents will meet the local scenes and convene for artist-led workshops, performances, artist talks and screenings, networking sessions, music events, meetings with activists, thematic tours, cooking sessions and more.

The Production Phase will follow in the autumn of 2023. All residents are invited, without obligation, to submit a proposal for a project involving at least two of the visited Hubs. The proposal will be evaluated, and if supported, stipends will be made available to realize the project with a dedicated production budget. Curatorial and production support will be given in all stages to accompany the project’s development by the hub and local partners selected together. The funding will be agreed upon individually based on the specific proposal.

Artists, thinkers, researchers, activists, chefs, farmers, anthropologists, writers, curators, architects, food, fashion, graphic and social designers, and other cultural practitioners based in Istanbul, Kosovo or Sicily.

We aim for diverse residents in terms of profession, research interests, practice, origin and background.

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