Manray Hsu


Advisory Board member since 2018

Manray Hsu is an independent curator and art critic based in Taipei.

Manray was the first curator of Autostrada Biennale, a co-founder and director (2010-2012) of the Taipei Contemporary Art Center and editor-in-chief of ArtCo Magazine Mainland China edition (2013-2014). He teaches in art academies both in Taiwan and abroad. Living and working in Berlin in early 2000s, Manray has worked with contemporary artists in Europe, including those from the former East.

The main focus of Manray’s work is on politics of mobility, borders of different forms, urban conditions in the age of globalisation, flows of capital, and activism-related art. His recent research includes interdisciplinary art practices related to environmental issues, and multi-species interactions in urban and rural scenarios, with a special interest in viewing the anthropocene from the perspective of Chinese Daoist philosophy.