Tommaso Pincio
49 Hostages

Mix media on paper

6 October, 2018




Tommaso Pincio

Title: 49 Hostages

Medium: Mix media on paper

Photo by: Tuğhan Anıt

Year: 2019Tommaso Pincio is the artistic name of Marco Colapietro, an Italian artist and writer born in Rome in the mid-sixties. Influenced in particular by Thomas Pynchon (from whom he borrows the name, Italianising it) and Don DeLillo, the artist is the author of numerous novels and historical essays and also works as an illustrator and translator. One of the more famous works in his production are the Celestial Spheres, a series of portraits made beginning in 2012, which form an ‘imaginary room’ whose walls contain portraits of all the faces that have revealed themselves dur- ing the artists’ life, if even for a moment. He also work at The Tibetan Sea of History. The title alludes to the forty-nine days that – according to Tibetan tradition – the dead need to understand and accept their new condition. For Autostrada Biennale, Pincio will present the work 49 Hostages, in which 49 drawings portrait alludes to the “historical” Mediterranean (where trade took place in the past, and therefore associated with life), than to the “actual” Mediterranean (a theater of immigration and often – unfortunately – synonymous with death).

– Federico Palumbo and Virginia Valle