Emre Hüner


6 October, 2018


The Castle
Duration: 37’ 47’’


Emre Hüner

Title: Neochronophobiq

Medium: Video

Duration: 37’ 47’’

Year: 2015

Photo by: Tuğhan Anıt

Working with diverse media, including drawing, sculpture, video and site-specific works, Emre Hüner’s (Istanbul, 1977) work focuses on narration and eclectic assemblies. He explores themes of utopia, archeology, ideas of progress and the future, vis-a-vis the reinvention of spatial and architectural entities as well as organic and artifical forms. The notion of ”fear of time” is found behind the research and development of the forms and nar-ratives of Neochronophobiq (2015), a three-channel video installation. Through the intersection of the landscape, the object and the human figure, Hüner creates a filmic language capable of including spatial, architectural and organic forms as three parts of a single temporality. This generates a sense of time that is both elusive and endless, where the artifacts and their creators exist without being properly able to understand the functions of the creations of their ancestors and the answers to their own existence.

– Jessica Cazzola