Giuseppe Stampone
Primavera Araba


6 October, 2018




Giuseppe Stampone

Title: Primavera Araba

Medium: Drawing

Year: 2014-17

Born in 1974, Giuseppe Stampone is an Italian conceptual artist active between Rome and Brussels. With his Bic-pen drawings, layered in multiple glazes, as Raphael or Van Eyck did in oil painting, the artist wishes to recover the concept of artisanal and conceptual “making” on one hand; on the other hand, the time to realization, in contrast to the speed imposed by the market, the internet and the new global society. Defined as a “smart photocopier” that produces a single copy: he takes popular images taken from the internet and works on them for an extended time. His works are also a contemporary reinterpretation of historical works, used to draw attention to current problems such as immigration, the environment and societal conflicts. Primavera Araba is a unique piece consisting of 24 drawings inspired by the related files, taken from the internet at a time when they were censored for the West. The peculiarity of the piece is the artist’s choice to depict only women and children.

– Chiara Moretto and Sofia Falciani