NGO Autostrada Biennale

Autostrada Biennale as a non-governmental organization has been established with the mission of expanding culture and revitalizing its community, because it is the first biennial of contemporary art in Kosovo.

The organization operates through three main programs: the International Contemporary Art Exhibition which is organized every two years, the Informal Education Program and the Cooperation Projects.

The organization was founded by a team of young people including artists, pedagogues and sociologists who, after the establishment, created an advisory board with very important people who live and work in different parts of the world.

The Biennale Autostrada International Advisory Board consists of artists, curators, architects, art critics and sociologists proven on the international scene who are active and committed to the Biennale Autostrada to achieve success as a special project of contemporary art in the world.


Through its collaborative and informal education program, the Biennale Autostrada has established close partnerships with other local and international organizations. Meanwhile, domestic and international financial supporters are the ones who have made it possible for this to become a reality.