Allianz Foundation Summit 2023: Building bridges towards Just Futures.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Allianz Foundation for hosting us during the remarkable Allianz Foundation Summit 2023 in Berlin. This event provided us with an opportunity to witness and engage with a diverse range of perspectives from various sectors, including civil society, arts and culture, climate action, journalism, and human rights, all coming together in a single location.

Representatives from diverse sectors came together, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Europe and the Mediterranean region. It was truly inspiring to witness the convergence of these different fields, fostering a transdisciplinary dialogue that is crucial for addressing pressing issues and shaping a better future.

The Summit, held at the heart of Berlin, facilitated the creation of a space for collaboration and cooperation, fostering the formation of new alliances. Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this collective effort aimed at tackling complex problems and making a positive impact on societies.

Decolonizing Food: Land, Water, Heritage Workshop

As part of the Summit, three institutions in the Allianz Hubs Networks—Autostrada (Prizren), Fondazione Studio Rizoma (Palermo), and Postane (Istanbul)—introduced a residency program. This program brought together artists, chefs, farmers, and researchers to explore the theme of "decolonizing food" in Prizren, Palermo, and Istanbul.


Vatra Abrashi, Co-Founder & Director at Autostrada Biennale

Giorgio Mega, Fondazione Studio Rizoma

Duru Dumankaya, Postane

This workshop delved into the complexities of food systems, addressing global trends affecting traditional practices. Participants gained insights from local actors, fostering a collaborative approach to understanding the social and environmental aspects of food systems.

Held during the summit, the workshop provided a platform for the panelists to share their expertise and engage in meaningful discussions. The success of these initiatives underscores a commitment to actionable change, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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