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A story of Autostrada Hangar

After our successful 3rd edition, we have been dedicated to institutionalise Autostrada Hangar as the sole contemporary art institution in Prizren through creating a yearly public and education program. Our new space has extended the publicness of our platform by considering art production as a sustainable form of learning and exchange that will address the needs of the communities.

Autostrada Hangar aims to generate coexistence among communities by working and producing together as a team and will especially be used to fill the urgent need of a non-formal education and skills building programs in order to empower youth in Kosovo and the region.

As the only contemporary art institution in Prizren, Autostrada Biennale functions on two speeds: one is a physical exhibition that takes place every two years since 2017, the other is our new education, production and exhibition space called “Autostrada Hangar” in the former German KFOR military base now ITP Prizren (Innovation and Training Park in Prizren).

Through education, onsite training, and open exhibition-making production space, our aim is to develop new models of cultural creation that will encourage a young generation to think critically through art and to become part of the process of making, building and installing works of art.

The new created infrastructure with different tools and machines, technology lab, exhibition space, green pavilion, library, bar & kitchen, co-working space and other facilities will accomplish a need of a community operating in the creative and culture industry and beyond.

Moreover, the space with its two studios, the Atelier and the Technology LAB, along with its education program employing experts in their fields, will have a long-term impact on young people for future jobs related to art, technology and innovation. More specifically there will be ongoing production skills workshops on: Design and Fabrication on Wood, Metal and Embroidery; Communication and Multimedia; Robotic, Coding and Electronics, 3D Modelling & 3D Printing.

Even though our space was used as one of the main venues of the third edition in 2021 where we had a very successful year with our international exhibition, skills building and education program, from now it is in function with its yearly program.

Autostrada Hangar is made possible with the generous support and partnership of the ITP Prizren and German Embassy in Prishtina, US Embassy in Prishtina, Prizren Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Kosovo, Foundation of Art Initiatives, Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, Luxembourg Embassy in Prishtina, UNKT and UNDP, Kreativ Qeramika, Gjirafa50, Birra Peja and we are grateful for the generous support of numerous individual work and conversation partners all over the world.


A story of Autostrada Hangar

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