Residency on the Road in Prizren

Residency on the Road is an interdisciplinary residency program organized by the first three members of the Allianz Foundation Hubs network -Postane in Istanbul, Turkey, Fondazione Studio Rizoma in Palermo, Italy, and Autostrada Biennale in Prizren, Kosovo. Following the theme ‘Decolonizing Food: Water, Land, Heritage in its first year, the program brought together nine participants from different backgrounds –artists, activists, researchers, farmers, and chefs– whose work focuses on food and ecology with local producers, social enterprises, cultural actors, and artist initiatives.

In April the participants Aylin Çankaya, Sinem Dişli, Ümit Hamlacıbaşı from Istanbul, Genny Petrotta, Piero Cosentino, and Adrien Buyukodabas from Palermo,  and Fllanza Bytyçi, Jeton Jagxhiu, and Dion Zeqiri from Kosovo spent one week in Prizren and Kosovo  had a chance to learn about the social and environmental aspects of local food systems .

They had the chance to also visit small towns, villages, and continue researching more about Kosovo’s bazzars, traditional foods such as ajvar, cheese, popular wines etc.
During the research, a talk was hosted in Autostrada Hangar with Blerta Basholli, the filmmaker and director of movie “Hive”experiencing its powerful narrative firsthand and engaging in meaningful discussions inspired by its themes.

The program will continue in Fall 2023 with the production phase where three project proposals will be supported.

Photo credits: Erza Bata – Autostrada Biennale Media Team


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