Autostrada Biennale as a non-governmental organization has been established with the mission to play a key role in understanding today’s society through contemporary art, strengthening the local community and stimulating creative ideas for a more inclusive and a more sustainable future. 
The vision of the Autostrada Biennale is to become a meeting point for people, creative ideas, cultures, communities, and to create an open platform for contemporary art and education in connection with the Balkan region and beyond.

The organization operates through three main programs: The International Contemporary Art Biennale which is organized every two years since 2017; The Education, Research and Production Space; and “The Movement Autostrada Biennale” Platform.



Autostrada Biennale is an innovative highway between Istanbul Biennale, Venice Biennial and Kosovo. Inspired by today’s changing world and it is initiated in order to take advantage and expand upon the increased artistic exchange and practice.

Through a spirit of cooperation we will seek to awaken Kosovo’s, region, creative energy and beyond. Collaboration between different art fields and to question the problems and difficulties of the contemporary world is a groundbreaking of aspect of art today. It challenges and exchanges collaboration.

Harald Szeemann’s own summary of the show’s content was itself lengthy, but it signaled this shift in the relationship of artist, studio and museum: ” the obvious opposition to form; the high degree of personal and emotional engagement; the pronouncement that certain objects are art, although they have not previously been defined as such; the shift of interest away from the result towards the artistic process; the use of mundane objects; the interaction of work and material; Mother Earth as medium, workplace, the desert as concept.”

Autostrada Biennale is an utopian factory and work place in the best sense of the meaning. It plans to highlight social, political, economic and aesthetic conditions, which also influence everyday life beyond the art world: to make the city as a museum itself is a site of contemporaneity. A place in where local experiences of time subvert the unity of embracing and inventing its own time.