A performance on the river, as a call for the creation of more green spaces

As part of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Prizren, Autostrada Biennale, a public performance for the use of green spaces and the riverbed of Lumbardhi was organized in partnership with EC Ma Ndryshe. As part of this activity, this space was used as a meeting point for visitors to the Biennale, where they had the opportunity to experience the river up close as well as the natural green spaces around it. This space served as a meeting point where visitors could be informed of the activities of the biennial, as well as purchase products sold by Autostrada Biennale.

During the entire biennial, residents and visitors to Prizren alike visited this meeting point, where they also had the unique opportunity to try on the socalled “nalle” sandals, which are a part of the cultural heritage of Prizren and which were re-designed as part of the Autostrada Biennale brand. This activity intended to highlight the issue of the lack of green spaces and vast amount of unused public spaces in Prizren, with the aim of encouraging local and central authorities to take appropriate action in this regard. Further, as part of the performance along the promenade of the Lumbardhi river, stairs were built to allow descent into the river, as well as connecting paths which allowed movement into the green spaces by the river bed. In an analysis done by EC, we come to understand that only 3 percent of the public spaces inside the Historical Center of Prizren are green spaces.

This percentage is very low compared to global standards for city centers. Also, measurements reveal that about 45 percent of public spaces within the Historic Center of Prizren are either unused or inaccessible to the public.

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